Ellen Thomas

Traveling through the educational system:

-Always have a scheduled 
-Make a list of important topics. 
-Put each request in writing.
-Have a copy to keep and one to 
-Have all in attendance, 
initial what is received. 
-Get all school recommendations 
in writing.
-Identify a person of contact 
with the school.
-Keep copies of everything;
 including emails, faxes, notes 
from teachers, report cards.
-NEVER go to a meeting alone. 
Have a trusted person to listen as well as take notes. 

Ask The Doctor

-Inquire about a DNA test to get more information on the type of  mental illness and the appropriate medicine for the diagnosis. 

Timmy The Tornado Feelin' The Pressure is an early chapter book. Timmy has a magic wrench that can take him anywhere. Usually to stock car races. His friend Verna has mental disabilities. Will Timmy's wrench take Verna to a BMX race? This book can contains strong female characters, science and history. It can be used in a classroom. 

 THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: One Christian Woman’s Life Journey in the Company of a Child with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome is my first book.  It's my hope to encourage parents, and drop the cloak of shame that envelops mental illness. 

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THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: One Christian Woman's Life Journey in the Company of a Child with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome

The Bipolar Express Stops at Autism Station

Timmy The Tornado Feelin' The Pressure 

The Bipolar Express Stops At Autism Station is a sequel to my first book. It will enlighten parents of their child's educational rights. Grace is a success story so she will offer encouragement to other teens and young adults.