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THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: One Christian Woman's Life Journey in the Company of a Child with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger's Syndrome


The Bipolar Express Stops at Autism Station

Ellen Thomas

Traveling through the educational system:

-Always have a scheduled 
-Make a list of important topics. 
-Put each request in writing.
-Have a copy to keep and one to 
-Have all in attendance, 
initial what is received. 
-Get all school recommendations 
in writing.
-Identify a person of contact 
with the school.
-Keep copies of everything;
 including emails, faxes, notes 
from teachers, report cards.
-NEVER go to a meeting alone. 
Have a trusted person to listen as well as take notes. 

Catalyst for THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: One Christian Woman’s Life Journey in the Company of a Child with Bipolar Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome was a frustrating day with a manic daughter, not my desire to be an author. As my fingers pounded the keyboard with words of hurt, anger and loneliness Grace’s life revealed itself as a story of a mother and daughter that needed to be shared. My husband encouraged me to finish even though it was quite obvious that our story would continue to unfold for years to come. I wrote this book in hopes of educating others on mental disabilities by dropping the cloak of secrecy that brings shame and excuses based on lies rather than truth. Grace offered her writings as an appendix and supported the publication her personal struggles.

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