Grace Thomas

Hi my name is Grace Thomas. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, ADD, Neurocardiogenic Syncope and a Cognitive Dysfunction in all four lobes. My life has never been normal, even when it seemed like it. If you saw me you may think I am a regular person. I try to hide my disabilities around some people . Sometimes I take my dog to the movies or around town with me. Don't worry he is a certified service dog. Since I have had him I have had little to no mood related outbursts. I hope learning about me will help you, your child, your parent, your friend or your curiosity and I hope you will learn something. My story starts when I was around seven. I was taken to counseling by my parents. After a few secessions, Kate, my counselor, thought I needed some medicine and referred me to Dr.Davis. He determined I had ADD and ADHD and prescribed me medicine called Adderall, I went crazy. I was quickly taken off it. He then said there was no test, but he thought I had Bipolar Disorder. I was prescribed more medicine, but this time it seemed to somewhat work. As I grew, the medications would change and kept changing until I was stable. The medicines I have been on are Lexapro, Lamictal, Zyprexa, Abilify, Risperdal, Seroquel, Trilafon, Lithium, Escitalopram, Perphenazine, and more. It takes trial and error to find the right medicine and even the combination of medicines. Besides medication, you have to have an outlet for anxieties and stress. I learned some things that helped me when I was either in a manic episode or just stressed. I would do art such as drawing and painting, or ride my bike, or hold my bunny (when I hold my bunny you know it's bad...usually). When my family and I went somewhere, if I got tired we had to immediately go home. Usually when I got tired I would get manic. I still need to sleep when I get tired or I could become manic or depressed. Although I may sleep too much sometimes, it is one of the only things that helps me. School was always a challenge. Making friends was almost impossible, understanding the work was difficult and keeping grades above a "C" almost didn't happen. I had to go to the behavioral health hospital and stay a week. (I was in and out of there several times throughout the year). I left school and did homeschooling, but quickly grew tired of it and so I attended private school for half a year and then I got my GED. I am now in college and enjoying life. Throughout my life, I have had to be open to trying different medications due to side effects or my hormones. Although I am considered stable, that doesn't mean I don't have a few manic episodes and symptoms of Bipolar disorder. Being stable just means I am doing good and having symptoms less and less.